Northern Storm Artax's Angels "Frania"

Międzynarodowy Champion Piękności (C.I.B.)
Młodzieżowy Champion Litwy
Młodzieżowy Champion Polski
Zwycięzca Polski '17
Champion Polski
Grand Champion Polski
Champion of Champions '18, '19
Champion Litwy
Champion Rosji
Champion RKF (Rosyjskiej Federacji Kynologicznej)
Champion Rumunii

ur : 08.04.2016
wolna od dysplazji / HD B
ojciec: Inter & Multi Ch. Ljubimiy Borodach Erbulat (HD A)
matka: Inter & Multi Ch. Jetaime Talhi Galiana (HD A)
hodowca: Izabela & Arkadiusz Wasiak
właściciel: Izabela Wasiak


O Frani ...

Meet Frania! She is our princess! Frania is my incredibly special blessed girl. I never planned to keep Frania, but when her mother died after giving birth to puppies I decided to keep her as a cure for a broken heart. I couldn't give her away, it felt like she was meant to stay with us.....So we decided to keep her ourselves and that was the best decision. Now we could not miss her for a day!
From the very beginning she drew my attention. She was very well balanced, had strong bone and a very good front. Her temper also appealed to us, she was very inquisitive, stable and relaxed in new situations and loved to cuddle but also insolent, wild, strong character, so ... something that I love :). She was brilliantly smart and started to show true potential around 4 months old. Soon, I realized that Frania was much more special than I ever anticipated she could be.
Frania is a wonderfully well balanced girl, her incredible temperament and gorgeous build is something we hope to pass down to the next generation.
We are thrilled and thankful to have this girl in our lives. Not only has she is a fabulous companion, she is a great combination of performance and show lines and we are excited to see what the future has in store for her.
We are planning to start her show career at the 2017. We hope that she will impress the judges as much as her amazing mother Klara (Inter & Multi Ch. Jetaime Talhi Galiana) and half-sister Landryna (JWW, Inter & Multi Ch. Impreza Artax's Angels)
Check back for updates as Frania grows :)


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  • 14.07.2019 CAC Gdynia - sędzia: Elżbieta Chwalibóg - exc.1, CAC, CWC, Najlepsza Suka, Zwycięzca Rasy
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  • 29.07.2018 CACIB Kaliningrad - sędzia: Abrakimov Shamil - exc.1, CAC, CACIB, Najlepsza Suka
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  • 07.07.2018 CAC Jurbork - sędzia: Irina Azen - exc.1, CAC LT
  • 25.02.2018 Ch of Ch's Leszno - sędzia: Dusan Paunovic - exc.1, CWC, Najlepsza Suka, Zwycięzca Płci Przeciwnej

  • Klasa pośrednia (15-24 miesięcy)