Are you interested in buying a puppy from Artax's Angels?
I am looking for puppy byers who are interested in having an active life with their dog, wether it is with agility, obedience, showing or other kind of activities.
It is also very important to me with puppy byers who will stay in close touch with me when the puppy grows up so that I can follow their development and evalute my breeding.
Our puppies will be registered in Polish Kennel Club, which is a member of the FCI. Puppies will be microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed and will receive export pedigree and puppy pack.

Your new pup can go to you at 8-9 weeks old. We love to meet those who can travel to pick up their puppy, but when this is not possible, we make pickup arrangements via International Animal Transportation Association. Check if it is possible to pick up your puppy, less than 12 weeks old and have not received an anti-rabies vaccination Movement of pets. If this is not possible puppies are with us till 3rd month of life – then they can be vaccinate against rabies and get dog passport so they can travel abroad. Tilll this time they will be live with other dogs and people to have the best possible socialization process.

If you are interested in a puppy from my kennel feel free to contact us for more information


It is very important to us that we know that our puppies will have a good, active and permanent home in their new families. We believe that an active dog is a happy dog, so we expect that our puppy buyers understand that the dog will need mentally and physically stimulation throughout it’s life. We except you to understand that you have to put time and work into your puppy and young dog to get a well behaved and balanced adult dog, and understand that the dog needs rules as well as positive learning. Our puppies could by many be perceived as very active the first years, but with the right training the puppies will be easy dogs with humor and great attitude even in adulthood.

We want to ensure that our puppies come to caring and loving home and who will keep in touch with us on a regular basis throughout the dogs life. We expect our puppy buyers to use time and energy to follow up their dogs versatility and strength, and take care of them and give them everything they need such as time and love, veterinary care, quality food, physical and mental training, attend puppy courses and further training. It is very important that our buyers have thought long and well on the responsibility it is to own and care for a dog. We expect that you set aside time for your puppy in the beginning. Before being left home alone for long periods, the puppy should become known in it’s new home, be houscleen and feel safe. You must have the opportunity to take a holiday or to have the opportunity to have your puppy with you at work (in the office, in the car etc) in the beginning. For the next few months the puppy should not be alone for a long time and you need to find solutions for this if you can’t stay home or bring the puppy to work.

The puppy must be socialized and trained so that it will learn to work as a family dog, and the owners must learn to handle the working capacity and self assureness in the dog. We demand that the new owners attend puppy classes and preferably advanced courses with the dog. This is the most important investment one can do when having a puppy and young dog and it will give socialization with other dogs and people. It gives an excellent and important starting point for a good working relationship and happy everyday life.

You must be able to give your dog quality food, veterinary care when needed, vaccination and insurance. We require that you give your dog a good and loving home, where it becomes a part of the family. We do not sell puppies to homes where they need to stay outside or in kennels.


Our breeding plans is planned based on long-term goals and thoughts, and we only breed combinations and individuals we believe would give the types of dog we will own ourselves.
Different quality assessments are used as a base for our breeding-program: mentality assessments, exterior judgments (shows) and health controls recommended within the breeds. We want to preserve and strengthen the good qualities and improve what could be better.

Our puppies are raised in the family. The puppies are raised inside our house, and are disposed to all the sounds, smells and impressions from a normal home. We also take our puppies in the car when they are old enough, visit other places, and let them get to know other environments than our home. We have many visitors as the puppies grow up, so that the puppies are social and comfortable around people.
We do our outmost to give the puppy the absolutely best start of life before going to their new homes. The work the breeder does in this period is extremely important for your puppy and its further life. We do our best to give your puppy the very best start in life before it arrives at it’s new home.