All our puppies are with pedigree, which is registered with the Federation Cynologique International. We are members the Polish Kennel Club and the Pedigree is valid for all countries of FCI, AKC, CKC. Of course, exported puppies have FCI export pedigree and International certificate of vaccination - Pet Passport. Puppies are preventive dewormed, they have tattoo and vaccinated. At the request of the new puppy owner can identify chip (surcharge).

Our puppies available only for homes where they will be beloved pets and companions, which means to live WITHIN THE OWNER'S FAMILY not in the cage! We place our pups with active, responsible caring individuals who has the time, knowledge. Ability, facilities, patient, resources to provide a good, permanent home where the pup will live a long, happy, secure life. The buyer must have researched the breed, be willing to accept the responsibilities that goes along with schnauzer ownership.

From the moment of conception our "Mamas" are pampered. Our dogs and puppies are NEVER kenneled. Once born, the puppies are hand raised, loved and socialized. They are handled for several hours every day and are raised in our home. During the first week of their lives someone in our family is up and observing the newborns around the clock to guarantee they and their mothers get off to a good start. Puppies are weighed daily to ensure that each pup gets the nutrition s/he needs. Babies stay in the house all the time and have daily contact with people and family pets to assure their early socialization which we find essential for their future development into intelligent and agreeable individuals. After 3-4 weeks (depends on the season) puppies begin to run in our garden, where they can exercise in the open and take advantage of the sun and fresh air. This process enables them to build strong bodies and learn canine social skills - at that time we introduce them to our adult dogs, let them explore terrain on our property - they can also familiarize themselves from the safety of enclosed runs with city traffic and sounds of the busy street. Puppies are fed meat, vegetables, fruits and and other natural products + Super Premium dry food BRIT CARE (no soy, wheat, corn, GMO).

Our puppies are placed into ONLY the best homes possible thus we will need for some informations regarding your lifestyle. When contacting us please tell us a bit about yourselves, where you live, prior dog experience, family members, if there are children in the household please provide us with ages, your home and the environment you will provide for your new companion. We want to hear why you are interested in Standard Schnauzers. If you have an interest in Showing a dog to it's Championship let us know.

Since breeding is only a hobby and we have a limited number of litters per year (1-2) of ours we might not have a pup ready for you tomorrow, so reserving one of our dogs might require time and patience. We welcome those who love the schnauzer to contact us. If we don't have what you are looking for we will gladly refer you to other reputable breeders. All visitors that would like to meet us and our dogs are always welcome!

In the past, we had a bad experience with two new owners of our puppies. Now, we are very touchy. Each breeder has to know that before we sell him a puppy, will be checked! With the help of our friends all over the world, we can find out the whole truth about almost every breeder. If your dogs are kenneled or confined during the day, please don't write to us! You don't get a puppy.


You want an Artaxs' puppy ... now how do you go about getting one?

First, you must remember that your new puppy will be a part of your life for the next 10 to 16 years. We take the responsibility of placing our dogs in new homes very seriously. Our placement process begins with email and telephone conversations followed by personal visits and completion of this and other application forms. This process should be as helpful to you as it is to us by ensuring that you have thought through both the joys and the issues which will face any new puppy owner. Schnauzers are a special breed. They are loyal and loving, playful, smart and always willing to train but with a smart dog comes the responsibility of ensuring that they are given the exercise, love and training that will make them welcome members of your family. We want our puppies to have as much of a positive impact in your life as they have in ours, which is why we believe that a thorough screening process makes for happy owners and happy dogs.
We want each of our carefully bred puppies have a wonderful home for life, and we want you to have a great Schnauzer puppy that will be perfectly suited for your family, activity level, and plans for the dog.
Choosing at a young age (to 4 weeks of age) you can not judge. Our careful observation of puppies and selection at 5 to 6 weeks of age provides you the best chance of choosing the ideal dog that will be well suited for your family and plans.

Advance Reservation Information
When the litter is 6 weeks of age, prospective adopters will be provided with numerous photos of each puppy, puppy evaluation results, personality/temperament information, and breeder's recommendation based on best potential matches for both the puppy and new owner. Two days will be allowed to chose reservation pick before remaining pups are made available to next prospective adopters.

Deposit Information
A 300 € non-refundable deposit is required to reserve one of our puppies, the deposit will be applied toward the total purchase price. The deposit is a promise to buy a puppy.
If for some reason the prospective adopters changes his/her mind on a puppy, they forfeit their deposit. The deposit is non refundable.
If something should happen to the puppy, it is not available for health reasons, or the breeding should not produce the desired puppy, the deposit will be refunded. Prospective adopters has read and fully understands the deposit terms as provided, and agrees to comply with them. Prospective adopters, by making the deposit, agrees in full to this agreement.

We do reserve the right to refuse deposit/payment if we feel our puppy would not have a good home. Your deposit reserves a puppy for you, however, it does not guarantee that we will sell you one if we feel the temperament is not a good match for your family. If we feel a pup would not be well placed with you, your deposit will be refunded in full.


Purchase Process

1. Contact Us: and tell us about yourself, about your expectations. This gives us a chance to get to know you better, find out what you are looking for in your new puppy, and make sure you will be a good home for one of our pups.

2. Availability: Once you have been approved as a good home for an Artaxs' puppy, the next step is choosing a currently Available Puppy or an Upcoming Litter that is well suited to your preferences and time-frame. If you like, we can help recommend the litter that will be most likely to produce the pup best suited to your preferences and family.

3. Deposit: Once you select your pup or litter we will provide you information to send your 300 € deposit. Deposit for an Available Puppy will be applied toward purchase price. Deposit to hold an Advance Reservation, is applied toward purchase price and guarantees yourself a reservation for a pick pup from an upcoming litter or a future litter of your choice.

4. Selection: When the puppies are born we update photos as they grow. When they are 6 weeks old we take head shots and stacked front and side photos of each pup, along with doing temperament evaluations on each puppy. Then we go thru the puppy selection process where you pick your pup from the litter - we help thru the process to recommend the pups best suited to your preferences and to be a great fit with your family.

5. Shipping / Pickup: We make shipping or pickup arrangements, and your new pup goes home to you at 7-9 weeks old - personal taking. Air transport - in their 9-10 weeks. We love to meet those who can travel to pick up their puppy, and we acclimate our pups to travel for an un-stressful flight home for those who will be flying across the internationally.

6. Lifetime Support: When you take home an Artax's Angels baby, you become part of our "extended family". We are available for help and advice anytime for the life of your puppy, and we have made many friendships that will last even longer. We have several online venues to stay in touch, and we love getting updates, calls, eMails, photos and brags on our dog's accomplishments!



If you purchase a dog/puppy but are not ready to take it home by its available date i.e. 7-9 weeks old (unless the delay is by our decision) your puppy will be boarded here unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Our Boarding terms are as follows:
Puppy are boarded at the rate of 5.00 € /day. Board will include feed, socialization, play-time, bathing, worming, grooming, nail trims, routine vet visits, general care, and more as needed.
New Owner will be responsible for 2nd and 3rd vaccinations (price of the puppy is included 1st vaccination) and major veterinary expenses incurred while dog is being boarded.


Worldwide Shipping

Air transport takes place at 9 to 10 weeks old puppy. Puppies are always carefully prepared by Air Animal Transportation Association members. Puppy can be shipped for an additional shipping fee anywhere of Europe and also to USA, Canada and some other countries.
Shipping prices vary between each airline and is based on the size of the crate and weight of the dog and, of course, destination country (city). You can call airlines to get quotes or we will find out for you. We will bill you the exact price a few days before shipping.
Additional costs (charged in February 2015):

  • Airline approved shipping crate (50 €/size 2)
  • Export Pedigree: 120PLN (30 €) (+ 5 € shipment) / An express mode of export pedigree is possible for 50€ extra
  • Pet Passport: 100PLN (25 €)
  • Identify chip: 90PLN (22,50 €)
  • Transportation to airport fee about 100 € (850km + toll road). If we go with a few puppies, the cost is reduced accordingly

  • You should also have to note that some pups must be checked by official veterinarian before being shipped. Cost is about 150PLN (37,50 €) which includes the health document required by the airline plus a rabies vaccination and additional deworming if required by your country. For some countries (eg. Russia) a few extra documents, which are not included in this price.