We are Izabela and Arkadiusz (Mirek) Wasiak and in live in northern Poland, in a small, quiet towns Reda  (Mirek) and Rumia (Iza).
We established ARTAX'S ANGELS Schnauzers because of our passion and love for the Schnauzer breed. As it usually is with most people that are dog lovers, we always had dogs in our home, but not one of them possessed our hearts as a schnauzer. Up to this point in our life we have had many breeds of dogs. They were all wonderful dogs and have a special place in our hearts but, as a breed they can't compare to the Schnauzer. The Schnauzer breed with its versatility is a very special one and has taken over our hearts. The Schnauzer happy outgoing attitude combined with their sporting nature makes them the perfect loving companion and in our opinion the best breed there is.

ARTAX'S ANGELS, why did we choose the name?

Our true big love for schnauzers began from a seven-week old, chubby puppy that came to live with us in August of 2003 and changed our lives forever.
ARTAX was the sweetest dog you could imagine. He awarded me and my husband an unconditional love, love I have never received from another dog before. Unfortunately, on December 30th, 2003, when he was only seven months old, his innocent, grateful, friendly heart stopped beating. We experienced tremendous amount of pain, something that only people who lost a similar battle can understand. We knew that the spark in his eyes that was worth all the treasures of this world will never shine again. Eventually the day has to come, when your friend looks into your eyes for the last time, and your love, no matter how strong, can not change it.

ARTAX'S ANGELS is a small show/hobby breeder dedicated to improving the Schnauzer breed located in Northern Poland, where I strive for excellence in all facets of the breed. Quality breeding & quality care and dogs are the highpoint of our life. At ARTAX'S ANGELS our breeding objective is to produce the perfect companion beautiful, functional schnauzers that are healthy and long-lived with a excellent character. We do not breed on whim or fashion, but rather for soundness, health and breed type.

Our breeding started in 2005, but we are proud to be one of the top breeders of show schnauzers in the country and of what we have been able to achieve in only a few years.
We believe breeding is truly an art form, which requires a deep passion, talent, focus, love and total commitment. In our ambition to breed quality Schnauzer we do not hesitate to search world wide for new exciting bloodlines.

We breed quality FCI registered Schnauzers for health, temperament, conformation and beauty.

We have bred multiple schnauzers with International Champion & Champion as well as many #1 ranked winners in the show ring. Of course ARTAX'S ANGELS is not just about ribbons and dog shows, we are equally as proud of the numerous pet, working and therapy dogs that enrich the lives of so many people. We are fortunate to be able to share our passion with the families who have selected and welcomed into their homes a ARTAX'S schnauzers. Their commitment and dedication to loving our schnauzers and the joy share with us a long the way makes it all worthwhile.

Making several trips in Europe has enabled us to gain a great deal of understanding drawing on the experience of many people who have been involved with the breed for a great number of years. Thank you to those people who have offered their help and guidance so freely. Our meetings with them have been invaluable to us.

All of our beloved Schnauzers are extended members of our family and are treated as such. They live indoors in our house. We have a limited number of litters per year (1-2) which allows us more time for each litter and allows our girls time to rest in between litters. We breed in the hopes of producing our next show prospect.

All our puppies are with pedigree, which is registered with the Federation Cynologique International. We are members the Polish Kennel Club and the Pedigree is valid for all countries of FCI, AKC, CKC.

Our puppies available only for homes where they will be beloved pets and companions, which means to live WITHIN THE OWNER'S FAMILY not in the cage !

We place our pups with active, responsible caring individuals who has the time, knowledge. Ability, facilities, patient, resources to provide a good, permanent home where the pup will live a long, happy, secure life. The buyer must have researched the breed, be willing to accept the responsibilities that goes along with schnauzer ownership.

Our pups are born in the house (not in the pen or kennel). Dam is being monitored and receives veterinary care before, during and after giving birth. Babies stay in the house all the time and have daily contact with people and family pets to assure their early socialization which we find essential for their future development into intelligent and agreeable individuals. After 3-4 weeks puppies begin to run in our garden, where they can exercise in the open and take advantage of the sun and fresh air. This process enables them to build strong bodies and learn canine social skills - at that time we introduce them to our adult dogs, let them explore terrain on our property - they can also familiarize themselves from the safety of enclosed runs with city traffic and sounds of the busy street.

Since breeding is only a hobby of ours we might not have a pup ready for you tomorrow so reserving one of our dogs might require time and patience. Our show prospect puppies are available to approved show homes. We welcome those who love the schnauzer to contact us. If we don't have what you are looking for we will gladly refer you to other reputable breeders.

We will have future litters but we will always remain a very small hobby breeder that produces very few but high quality family dogs with excellent temperament, conformation, and breed type. Our goal at ARTAX'S ANGELS as breeders is to develop a breeding program that will produce quality dogs throughout each generation. With a number of fine examples of the breed we look forward to continued development of our "ARTAXS'" bloodline with a focus on refining our Schnauzers.

Now that we have shared with you our interest and the types of activities we participate in, the most important piece of information you should take away with you from our “About Us” page is that we love our dogs and they are our family members first and foremost. We try to have fun and actively engage with our canine family members through lots of different types of events as well as just our day-to-day life. It is important to us that individuals with whom we build a relationship through our dogs hold the same commitment to their dogs that we do with ours.