N Litter Artax's Angels

The 6 puppies (4 males and 2 females) were born on 8th April 2016



Ljubimiy Borodach Erbulat "Karas"

Free of dysplasia / HD A (X-ray made in PL)
(Dronas Barklai x Ljubimiy Borodach Barbariska)

International Champion (C.I.B.)
Junior Champion of Russia
Champion of Russia
Champion of Belarus
Champion of Romania
Champion of Slovenia
Champion of Eurasia
Champion of National Club of Breed
Champion of Breed (Golden Collar Winner '14)
Grand Champion of Russia
Grand Champion of Belarus
Grand Champion of Slovenia
3 x Champion RKF (Russian Kynological Federation)
Mediterranean Winner Show '13, '14

owner: Elena Gonchukowa, Moscow, Russia
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Jetaime Talhi Galiana "Klara"

Free of dysplasia / HD A
(Jetaime Talhi Rariket x Jetaime Talhi Jasmina)

International Champion (C.I.B.)
Champion of Poland
Champion of Macedonia
Champion of Montenegro
Champion of Bulgaria
Grand Champion of Bulgaria
Junior Champion of Poland

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Unfortunately, life has written sad and painful scenario.
Klara has given us 6 strong and healtly babies, but our joy was short-lived.... a few minutes later, Klara ..... passed away.....
I have no words to express how we are feeling and how difficult it was (it is).

We decided to try to put the puppies with Landryna and see if she would nurse. Luckily she became a surrogate mother in one minute and babies get full support and milk (phantom pregnancy with milk production)

NELSON Artax's Angels (export Spain)
J.Ch. NEWTON Artax's Angels (export Hungary)
NEO Artax's Angels (Gdańsk, PL)
NO LIMIT Artax's Angels (Olimpin, PL)

NIGHT FIRE Artax's Angels (export Sweden)
Ch, J.Ch NORTHERN STORM Artax's Angels (stay in kennel)

Gallery of puppies

More photos of puppies are available on www.facebook.com/N.Litter.Artaxs.Angels