Aga-Ton Retman "Bastian"

International Champion (C.I.B.)
Champion Poland
Champion Romania
Champion Bulgaria
Champion Macedonia
Champion Serbia
Grand Champion Bulgaria
Winner of Transilvanie

Retired and no longer available at stud

Born : 07.11.2003
Free of dysplasia / HD A, Eyes clear

Hight: 51 cm
Sire: Int.Ch, Ch.Pl, Zw.Kl Basko Dor-Hal
Dam: vWW, Int.Ch, Ch.Pl, Zw.Kl Sonata z Jamna
Breeder: Jan Knurowski
Owner: Izabela Wasiak


About Bastian

Bastian has a great temperament, great with people and dogs of all ages, has great markings, and comes from a great champions blood line. Bastian's forebears are beautiful and titled dogs famous on the whole world. In pedigree he has 27 Champions and 18 Interchampions (in 4 generations - 30 dogs)

Hi is excellentis, beautiful dog with proportional head, excellent vestment, elegant and proportional .. and - what is realy important - uninhibited and full of grace move (It moves perfectly). On first exhibition has gone have over two year. Bastian had broken leg, we thought that never will not be exposed. He loves exhibitions and showing :)

In the judges' opinions Bastian is:
» Ideal temperament and character
» Very elegant dog about big dynamics of movement
» Effective in expression
» Neck perfectly based and borne
» Perfect overhead and bottom line
» Proportional head
» Tail excellently based and borne
» Hair in perfect sort
» Very good proportion of corps
» Good size
» Excellent built
» Complete dentition and scissor bite

He is very energetic schnauzer, it’s hard to keep him in one place for more than five seconds (except time, when he’s sleeping), he is everywhere. Because of him we got smiles on our faces again. It’s “walking love”. I love him for his specific sight, When I take care of something different, he stares at me and wait, like he would like to tell “I will wait, I know that you will hug me”. I love him for his faith, way he behave for his girls and for squeaking when ho goes sleeping.


Shows results

  • 09.09.2018 CACIB Kołobrzeg - judge: Piotr Król - V1, Best Veteran, BOS
  • 09.10.2010 CAC Miastko - judge: Dorota Kuczyńska-Standełło - V1, CAC, BOS, Best of Breed
  • 29.08.2010 CACIB Debrecen (Hu) - judge: Török János (Hu) - V2, res.CAC
  • 28.08.2010 CACIB Debrecen (Hu) - judge: Pettkó Csaba (Hu) - V2, res.CAC
  • 17.10.2009 CAC Šumadija (Srb) - Kamen Litov (BG) - V1, CAC, Best of Breed
  • 06.07.2008 CAC Lidzbark Warmiński - A.Buks-Ziółkowska - V1, CAC
  • 01.05.2008 CAC Dobre Miasto - J.Guba - V1, CAC, BOS
  • 19.04.2008 CAC Grudziądz - Z.Ostrowski - V2
  • 18.11.2007 CACIB Sofia (Bg) - Ivan Dimitrov (Bg) - V1, CAC, BOS, CACIB,Best of Breed
  • 17.11.2007 CACIB - Sofia (Bg) - Pero Bozinovski (Mk) - V1, CAC, BOS, CACIB, Best of Breed, 3 Best in Group
  • 21.10.2007 CACIB Budapeszt (Hu) - Jevgenij Kuplyauskas (Rus) - V1
  • 20.10.2007 CACIB Budapeszt (Hu) - Bíró Ferencné (Hu) - V1, CAC, BOS, CACIB
  • 07.10.2007 CACIB Arad (Ro) - PAPP Vasile (Ro) - V2
  • 06.10.2007 CACIB Arad (Ro) - Stefanescu Cristian (Ro) - V1, CAC, BOS, CACIB
  • 27.01.2007 CAC Głogów - Viva Maria Soleckyj-Szpunar - V1, CAC, BOS
  • 13.08.2006 CACIB Sopot - Piotr Śliwka - V1, CAC, BOS, CACIB, Best of Breed
  • 30.07.2006 CAC Chojnice - Zbigniew Gilarski - V1
  • 08.07.2006 CACIB Warszawa - Wojciech Myszkowski - V3
  • 21.05.2006 CAC Słupsk - Zbigniew Gilarski - V1, CAC
  • 22.04.2006 CAC Grudziądz - Barbara Szczepkowska - V1, CAC, BOS
  • 12.02.2006 CAC Bydgoszcz - Jolanta Jabłońska - V2