Artax ... The One and Only

Born : 01.06.2003, Died: 30.12.2003

Artax's story

Artax was our first Schnauzer. Our true big love for schnauzers began from him: seven-week old, chubby puppy that came to live with us in August of 2003 and changed our lives forever.
Of one's dreams, beloved, most wonderful, most ... most .... most ... The one and only- just unique.
He was born on the Children’s day, and although he did not have the certification, he had a white tie on his torso and a crocked tooth, but for us he was ideal.

It began, when my parent’s dog – Dalmatian called Filip became sick. He suffered and he had to be slept. Next day, I was on the exchange with my husband. We saw a box with little dogs. In one of them there were 7 beautiful schnauzers. I love my parents very much and I knew, that this would be the best gift after a lose of Filipek.

We felt in love on Oskar before we arrived to parents. We decided, that we will buy his brother too. We bought Artax.
Our happy moments didn’t last so long… The third day, Artax didn’t want to eat anything, he was vomiting and had an awful, bloody diarrhea. Rubarth’s sick and cat typhus – that was the answer of misses vet. This wonderful woman did everything to heal Artax. After 3 weeks of vaccines and other ways of healing, Artax was no longer sick. It was wonderful feeling, when he ate from the pan first time. When he made his own needs on own. It’s hard to explain, only person, who was battling for the life of his dog can understand. Maybe because of that Artax was exceptional for us. We gave him our time, he never walked alone. I think, that he remembered this, he knew, that we did for him everything and how much we love him. When he was absolutely healthy, he gave us back powerful, beautiful love. That’s why he was such exceptional. The only one…

Then it was just wonderful ............
Artax was growing fast and made up for lost moments. He was the sweetest dog you could imagine. He awarded me and my husband an unconditional love, love I have never received from another dog before. Artax was with a fierce spirit to play hard, curious and a mischief maker, and I smile now, as I remember all the mischief he managed in our home, all the laughter that he brought to us, along with such unconditional puppy love he shared with everyone.
Unfortunately, on December 30th, 2003, when he was only seven months old, had been hit by a car, and his innocent, grateful, friendly heart stopped beating. We fought .... this time we lost. We experienced tremendous amount of pain, something that only people who lost a similar battle can understand. We knew that the spark in his eyes that was worth all the treasures of this world will never shine again. Eventually the day has to come, when your friend looks into your eyes for the last time, and your love, no matter how strong, can not change it.

Rest in peace our baby. Your life was short but your spirit shines bright. We will remember you always, both with tears and smiles. Yours was a battle well fought, in the company of those who loved you.